Pic. 001: Narada Muni, the transcendental spaceman
Pic. 002: The abominable behavior of Nalakuvara and Manigriva
Pic. 003: Prahlada Maharaja instructs his friends
Pic. 004: The four Kumaras reach Vaikuntha
Pic. 005: The four Kumaras become devotees of Lord Visnu
Pic. 006: King Citraketu meets Lord Sankarsana
Pic. 007: Markandeya Rsi tempted by Cupid and his followers
Pic. 008: Sukadeva Gosvami in the womb
Pic. 009: King Pariksit accepts Sukadeva Gosvami as his spiritual master
Pic. 010: The snake-bird Taksaka bites king Pariksit
Pic. 011: Lord Krsna rescues his devotee from the ocean of birth and death
Pic. 012: Ajamila saved from the Yamadutas
Pic. 013: The cucle of birth and death
Pic. 014: Brahma, Visnu and Siva
Pic. 015: Lord Brahma hears the Gayatri mantra
Pic. 017: The battle between the demigods and the demons
Pic. 018: The mantric shield of Lord Narayana
Pic. 019: Indra offends Brhaspati
Pic. 020: Lord Siva instructs his wife Sati
Pic. 021: The self-immolation of goddess Sati
Pic. 022: Lord Siva on his bull
Pic. 023: Virabhadra beheads Daksa
Pic. 024: Lord Brahma approaches Lord Siva
Pic. 025: Daksa surrenders to Lord Siva
Pic. 026: Devayani rebukes Sarmistha
Pic. 027: Lord Siva saves the universe by drinking poison
Pic. 028: Yamaraja instructs a king's widows
Pic. 029: The pastime incarnations of Godhead
Pic. 030: Lord Matsya, the fish incarnation
Pic. 031: Lord Varaha, the boar incarnation
Pic. 032: Lord Nrsimhadeva battles the king of demons
Pic. 033: Lord Nrsimhadeva slays the demon Hiranyakasipu
Pic. 034: Lord Vamanadeva, the dwarf incarnation
Pic. 035: The Lord envelops the universe
Pic. 036: Gajendra appeals to Lord Visnu
Pic. 037: Gajendra regains his spiritual form
Pic. 038: Dhanvantari with the pot of nectar
Pic. 039: Nara-Narayana Rsi humbles Cupi
Pic. 040: The Hamsa-avatara enlightens Brahma and the four Kumaras
Pic. 041: Mohini-murti beheads the Rahu demon
Pic. 042: Siva enchanted by Mohini-murti
Pic. 043: Lord Kalki kills the demons at the end of the millennium
Pic. 044: Maha-Visnu at the time of creation
Pic. 045: Garbhodakasayi-Visnu on the bed of Ananta
Pic. 046: Lord Kesava
Pic. 047: The Supersoul

Pic. 048: The Lord appears before prajapati Daksa
Pic. 049: Lord Narayana rides Garuda into battle
Pic. 050: Sri Sri Laksmi-Narayana in Vaikuntha
Pic. 051: The kindom of God
Pic. 052: Lord Ramacandra breaks the bow of Siva
Pic. 053: Sita, Rama and Laksmana in the forest
Pic. 054: Hanuman burns Lanka
Pic. 055: The ocean personified prays to Lord Ramacandra
Pic. 056: Lord Ramacandra slays the demon Ravana
Pic. 057: Lord Ramacandra's triumphant return to Ayodhya
Pic. 058: Sita, Rama and Laksmana enter Ayodhya
Pic. 059: Prayers for the advent of Lord Krsna
Pic. 060: Kamsa threatens Devaki
Pic. 061: The birth of Lord Krsna
Pic. 062: Vasudeva carries Krsna to Vrndavana

Pic. 063: The bathing ceremony of Lord Krsna
Pic. 064: Krsna and mother Yasoda
Pic. 065: The destruction of Putana
Pic. 066: Krsna kills the cart demon
Pic. 067: The Trnavarta demon attacks Krsna
Pic. 068: Krsna kills Trnavarta
Pic. 069: Krsna's and Balarama's name-giving ceremony
Pic. 070: Krsna shows mother Yasoda the universe in His mouth
Pic. 071: Baby Krsna
Pic. 072: Krsna and Balarama steal butter from the gopis
Pic. 073: The butter thieves
Pic. 074: Naughty Krsna
Pic. 075: Mother Yasoda chases Krsna
Pic. 076: Krsna bound by His mother's love
Pic. 077: The deliverance of Yamala-arjuna trees
Pic. 078: Krsna carries His father's wooden shoes
Pic. 079: Krsna blesses the fruit vendor
Pic. 080: Krsna and the cowherd boys play in the forest
Pic. 081: Krsna confronts the Baka demon

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