BILL CONNORS — Theme To The Gaurdian (1975) APE (tracks+.cue) lossless

The blazingly explosive and technically precise legato guitarist in Return to Forever left after one release with RTF to pursue a solo career and much quieter, acoustic guitar path. This is the first in a trio of acoustic guitar releases Bill Connors put out in the 1970s on the famous ECM label. Theme to the Gaurdian features some truly excellent acoustic guitar work, with some unique compositions and playing styles. Connors dubs one track as a sort of complex and exotic chordal progression-based structure of strummed rhythms and/or a tapestry of three-finger rolling. He solos over this landscape of dreamy, moody, surreal, and frenetic design. The effect is a ghostly dance of melancholy angst and passionate wailings. John W. Patterson
Tracklist :
1    Theme To The Gaurdian    5:15
 Bill Connors
2    Childs Eyes    4:22
 Bill Connors
3    Song For A Crow    4:12
 Bill Connors
4    Sad Hero    4:26
 Bill Connors
5    Sea Song 5:02
 Glenn Cronkhite
6    Frantic Desire    2:52
 Bill Connors
7    Folk Song    6:33
 Bill Connors
8    My Favorite Fantasy    4:23
 Bill Connors
9    The Highest Mountain    3:25
 Bill Connors
Credits :
Guitar – Bill Connors

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